Audience Boycott Lee Soo’s Appearance On Music Festival Due To His Prostitution Scandal

They claimed they didn’t want to see the performance of a singer who solicited underage prostitution.

Some of the audience of the Urban Music Festival have been boycotting Lee Soo‘s appearance due to his prostitution scandal.

According to the lineup revealed by Urban Music Festival on May 14th, Lee Soo is set to perform on July 6th in Seoul and July 20th in Daegu.


Some of the audience have been demanding that they cancel Lee Soo’s appearance, expressing that they “didn’t want to see the performance of a singer who solicited underage prostitution.”

Due to the strong opposition, Urban Music Festival eventually released a statement asking festivalgoers to refrain from speaking maliciously about anyone.

Opposition against a certain artist is currently being excessively expressed by individuals. We ask that you refrain form comments related to the verbal abuse, hate or degradation of your opponent and artists in any circumstance.

ㅡ Urban Music Festival


This was not the first time Lee Soo sparked a controversy due to his appearance.

In 2009, Lee Soo was placed on suspension of indictment for soliciting prostitution of a middle school student online during his alternative military service. After spending some time for self-reflection, he attempted to make a return through MBC‘s I am a Singer and musicals but they were all frustrated. Lee Soo has even released an album as MC the Max but he was not able to promote the album.


Netizens continue to express their disapproval at his appearance in the festival.

Source: Joy News 24