SM Entertainment Will Debut A New NCT Unit Very Soon

S.M. Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man just revealed his plans to create a new NCT unit geared towards Vietnam.

NCT is a platform concept group created by Lee Soo Man, which can have an unlimited number of members and subunits.

Currently, there are 3 NCT units: NCT127, NCT Dream, and NCT U.

NCT has members from all around the world including China, Japan, U.S., and Canada but does not have a Vietnamese member yet.

In fact, Lee Soo Man revealed that he has plans to make V-Pop the next K-Pop—the very next global cultural trend.


Vietnam is a very young and dynamic, where 65% of population is under 35 years old.

They also have very similar culture and lifestyle with Korea, so I believe I can create a global star in Vietnam.”

— Lee Soo Man

An NCT unit based in Vietnam will be Lee Soo Man’s first step in accomplishing his plan.

Apparently, he will cast local talent in Vietnam and help them become stars not only in Asia but also globally.

Source: Newsen