Veteran Actor Lee Soon Jae Criticizes Seungri, Claims He Suffers From An Inflated Ego

He shared a few words of advice to his fellow actors and singers.

Actor Lee Soon Jae recently participated in an interview that was held in a cafe located in Jongro, Seoul, where he spoke up about his thoughts on Seungri and the Burning Sun scandal.

He began by explaining that since idols are envied and looked up to by so many young people, they need a strong sense of responsibility as well as good self-control.

He then went on to explain, “The sense of entitlement relies completely on that person’s mindset. Celebrities ultimately need popularity. But many misunderstand that nowadays. Since the behavior of celebrities has so much influence, they become a public figure whether they like it or not. As a result, they must exert self-control in their actions.

Lee Soon Jae then brought up Seungri and added, “This applies to Seungri as well. Although he’s still young, he has people around him inflating his ego and trying to use his popularity to their advantage. If you start a business with that kind of people involved, it’s possible for things to go wrong.

He then used his superiors as an example and expressed, “I have a lot of superiors who got themselves into similar situations and went into debt as a result. They could just work harder at acting or singing. I don’t know why they have to go into other businesses like that.

As a little piece of advice to his fellow celebrities, Lee Soon Jae stressed the importance of self-control and the ability to overcome temptations from those around you as public figures with such a large audience.

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