Lee Sun Bin Is Dealing With Fake Allegations Claiming To Have Met Boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo

“Here we go again. I’m not sure if I should end the rumors or let them continue,”

Lee Sun Bin didn’t know how to react after hearing a fan’s false allegation that she had met her boyfriend, Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Sun Bin | @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram

On April 20, the actress was a guest on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show. The actress was on to promote her new movie, Air Murder, with castmate Seo Young Hee.

On this day, a listener wrote to the show about an alleged encounter with the couple. The listener wrote, “Not too long ago, I saw the two on a date.” The listener continued, stating when she kept looking at the couple, Lee Kwang Soo walked to her and asked rudely, “Is this the first time you’re seeing a celebrity?

Lee Kwang Soo | @masijacoke850714/Instagram

Lee Sun Bin responded, “Here we go again. I’m not sure if I should end the rumors or let them continue,” before resigning herself and stating, “Yeah, I heard he is like that from many people,” causing laughter in the studio.

Of course, the allegations are false.

Lee Kwang Soo | @masijacoke850714/Instagram

Since August of last year, the show’s listeners routinely write about fake encounters they claim they had with Lee Kwang Soo. The funniest fake encounters include Lee Kwang Soo being given a baby bottle by a listener and the actor hitchhiking on a dump truck.

Lee Sun Bin (left) and Lee Kwang Soo (right) | Vogue Korea

It seems listeners wrote in since the actor’s girlfriend was a guest. The two actors publicly acknowledged their relationship in late 2018. The two are said to have gotten close while filming on the set of a Running Man episode. Watch the couple’s spark in the YouTube video below!

Source: Wikitree