Lee Sung Kyung is exhausted by dating rumors with Zico

A recent interview Lee Sung Kyung explained about the dating speculations involving fellow celebrities Nam Joo Hyuk and Zico

Lee Sung Kyung was recently linked with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo co-star Nam Joo Hyuk due to their evident chemistry onscreen and off. Members of the production team even attested to their close relationship and revealed how the two would often add ad-libs and had no hesitations in intimate scenes while filming.

The two may be close and professional on set but rumors have been put to rest and clarified that the pair is just friends.The same clarification also came for rumors regarding her potential relationship with Zico.

The model turned actress initially denied speculations that they were dating and clarified that they were simply friends. She stated that due to there rumors, she felt exhausted.

“I spent more time indoors in the past. I tend to not go out of the house without a baseball cap.”

“If I got out with friends, I tend to get a lot of comments and rumours. There were many rumours including fellow male idols.

I was just in a state of exhaustion.”

– Lee Sung Kyung 

The statement coincided with her previous interview with YGK+. In the interview, Lee Sung Kyung revealed that she tends to hang out with her male friends, hence, the speculations.

Source: Dispatch