Lee Tae Im leaves “Tutoring Across Generations” after screaming and cursing at Yewon

An altercation between actress Lee Tae Im and former Jewelry member Yewon has resulted in the actress to leave the show Tutoring Across Generations.

Reports reveal that Lee Tae Im had screamed and cursed at Yewon, who remained calm through the ordeal during a recent filming for the show Tutoring Across Generations, which resulted in the actress’ leave from the show.

According to a staff member who was present during the incident, Lee Tae Im caused a scene when she began to curse at Yewon unexpectedly. The person stated, “Lee Jae Hoon (her tutor on the show) was not present at the time when she began to curse at Yewon harshly. This was a situation where one should not have reacted so abrasively, everyone was surprised at her outburst so filming ended.

Another witness revealed that Yewon had remained calm and collected through the incident, acting in a professional manner although, “She must have been uncomfortable and surprised.

Previously, reports stated a cast member, later revealed to be Yewon, had asked, “Are you cold? Are you alright?” during Lee Tae Im’s diving shoot to which the actress reacted negatively. As a result, the show has released an official statement on Lee Tae Im’s withdrawal from the show, citing health issues as the cause.

Lee Jae Hoon and Yewon have both stated that although there were problems, they are sensitive issues that are difficult to discuss and have refrained from giving any other statements.

Source: Isplus and Star News