Famous Actress Reveals Why She Was Cut From Debuting With Girls’ Generation

She revealed the reason why she’s not a Girls’ Generation member.

Actress Lee Yeon Hee may be one of the most popular actresses today, but she originally planned to debut as a member of Girls’ Generation.


She was cut from the final debut lineup, ultimately because of her lack of confidence. She believed she lacked too much to debut as a girl group.

“While I was training with the Girls’ Generation members, I kept thinking that I lacked in a lot of aspects.”

— Lee Yeon Hee


She doesn’t regret stepping away from the life of an idol. She thinks that she would’ve only sang one line if she had debuted with Girls’ Generation.

“I think I would’ve just sang one line.”

— Lee Yeon Hee


Although she gave up her singing career and has found joy and success as an actress, Lee Yeon Hee hasn’t lost her love for music!

“I love singing.

I love singing along to a song while I’m driving. I listen to a lot of music at home. I also go karaoke often with my friends.”

— Lee Yeon Hee


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