“I Hope I Never See Her Again…” Legendary Korean Actress Hit With Massive Backlash

The actress is one of the most recognizable Korean actors in the world.

Actress Lee Young Ae is facing criticism for her latest political donation.

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On September 12, it was reported that legendary actress Lee Young Ae would be sponsoring a fundraiser campaign to raise money for a memorial dedicated to the controversial first President of Korea, Syngman Rhee.

Syngman Rhee | Christianity Daily

According to the foundation that is raising the fundraiser, Lee Young Ae volunteered to donate to the effort.

The news of the actress’s donation was met with immediate backlash by some due to Syngman Rhee’s controversial presidency. The President who came to power in 1919 was first impeached in 1925 before again becoming President in 1947-1948.

Seoul 1920 for illustrative reasons | Reddit

One of Korea’s most controversial political figures, the President’s reign is marred by the terrors of authoritarianism and poor economic development. While in office, many of the President’s political opponents were assassinated, including the beloved activist Kim Ku, a national figure who was assassinated by Lieutenant Ahn Doo Hee. Ahn Doo Hee is alleged to have later confessed he was ordered to kill Kim Ku by Kim Chang Ryong, Syngman Rhee’s right-hand man.

Kim Ku | Chosun Ilbo

Netizens reacted with disappointment, with many criticizing the actor’s decision.

  • “Isn’t she coming out with a drama soon? By then, I’m sure this issue will be buried. She’s showing her true colors. It isn’t surprising but still disappointing.”
  • “Sigh…”
  • “I mean, seriously, I just found out… Wow… I hope I never see her on television again.”
  • “Crazy, LOL.”
  • “WTF?… Sigh… I’m going to avoid her. It’s so disappointing.”
  • “????”
  • “Huh? I didn’t know this until now, but reading the comments, it seems she has been this type of person all along. Disappointing.:
  • “Crazy.”

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ae is one of the most revered and recognizable actors in Korea. The actress is best known for her role in Dae Ja Gum (also known as Jewel In The Palace) as well as blockbuster hits Lady Vengeance and One Fine Spring Day.

Source: theqoo
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