TV Personality Lee Young Ja Reveals She Only Started Her YouTube Channel so That She Can Retire from Korean Entertainment

She revealed that she’s getting ready to leave the industry.

Most Korean TV fans probably know Lee Young Ja very well since she’s a host for many popular variety shows such as the hit talk show, Hello Counsellor.

Well, earlier this year, Lee Young Ja caused quite a stir by opening her very own YouTube account, which many agreed was far overdue.

But on a recent episode of JTBC’s Lanlife, Lee Young Ja revealed the true reason for why she started her own YouTube channel.

On the show, Lee Young Ja shared that it’s her dream to retire in Jejudo and went looking for the perfect post-retirement homes on the beautiful Korean island.

At a house that Lee Young Ja particularly liked, the homeowner confessed that it was their dream to retire at 40, so they built the house and went back up to Seoul to keep working, but that they couldn’t focus and ended up coming back down immediately.

In response, Lee Young Ja opened up about her situation and shared, “The truth is, the reason why I started my YouTube channel is that I’m having a hard time these days. But if I do YouTube, I can film whatever I want wherever I want without needing to stay in Seoul.

She confessed, “That’s why I started YouTube. I’m getting ready to leave.

Source: Dispatch