Christopher And Lee Young Ji Discuss The Dating Taboo Culture For Idols In Korea

It was definitely a culture shock for Christopher.

Christopher was the first global artist to guest on Lee Young Ji‘s My Alcohol Diary series, and their chaotic interactions proved that language was no barrier for Young Ji to have fun with her guests. When they were talking about relationships, Young Ji brought up Christopher’s wife and daughter, showering them with compliments.

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However, in classic Young Ji fashion, she couldn’t help but tease Christopher and joked that he now needed to apologize to Korean fans.

Instead of being surprised by her words, Christopher mentioned that he had heard it was common for singers in Korea not to be allowed to date. This was definitely a culture shock for him, as in the West, fans are never against their favorite artists dating or getting married (although many still love to gossip about celebrity relationships).

He then made a joke, saying how singers had to be single forever, and Young Ji followed up by saying how idols had to act like holy figures.

Christopher played along with Young Ji and apologized but didn’t hide that he was really happy with his marriage. Young Ji responded that instead of going along with her request, he should have said that it was okay for celebrities to date, but Christopher couldn’t help but continue to joke around and added, “Maybe.”

This is perhaps the most unfiltered conversation about celebrities dating during this series, and we can’t help but be thankful that it’s being openly discussed. The dating taboo culture in K-Pop is loosening, thanks to power couples like HyunA and Dawn, but there is still plenty of unnecessary hate going toward idols who might not even be dating but just caught in a dating rumor.

But all jokes, criticisms, and culture shock aside, Christopher genuinely loves and appreciates his Korean fans. Before his schedule with Young Ji, Christopher had gotten a tattoo commemorating his experience with fans in Korea. After his performance, when the sound system was turned off, the fans loudly cheered for an encore and sang along with Christopher to his hit song, “Bad.”

Before this incredible experience, Christopher had wanted to revisit Korea for years, thanks to the fantastic reception he had with fans three years earlier. As soon as the COVID restrictions on travel lifted, he made sure he had the chance to perform in Korea.

Both he and fans were eagerly awaiting their reunion, and when they did, he saw thousands of fans holding signs saying, “We’ve waited for this moment.” His fans welcomed him warmly and full of love, and Christopher was overwhelmed by the entire experience.

I know I will never forget this. It will stay with me forever.

— Christopher

He was so touched that he got a tattoo soon after, with the words “Waited for this moment” included. The sincerity of Korean fans touched his heart, and he will forever cherish the memory.

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