Rapper Lee Young Ji Warns Netizens About The Dangers Of WATERBOMB Festival With A Desperate Plea To aespa

The rapper wanted to ensure the aespa members stayed safe!

One of the most unique events in K-Pop has to be the WATERBOMB Festival, where K-Pop idols and artists come out and perform while being hit with water by fans. It has created some memorable moments, and the past few days have seen the likes of Kwon Eunbi and BTOB shocking with their performances.

Kwon Eunbi at the festival | @graceQueen_RUBI/Twitter
BTOB’s contrasting looks | @0usernamesleft_/Twitter

On June 25, Lee Young Ji was one of the stars that appeared at the WATERBOMB Festival. Unsurprisingly, the rapper completely rocked the stage and showcased her talent and on-stage presence.

| @helloxgian/Twitter
| @helloxgian/Twitter   

Aespa also performed after Young Ji, but the rapper gained attention after her warning to the members about the dangers of the show.

During her set, Young Ji explained that when aespa came out, she wanted the fans to tell them to not only take out their colored lenses but to make sure they wore goggles.

| @wintersrabbit/Twitter 

While it wasn’t a shocking request, as the water can be forceful, the rapper revealed the true extent of the damage it can cause. Young Ji explained that she couldn’t see in her left eye at all after the performance. Many believed she was referring to the fact her own lenses came out.

| @wintersrabbit/Twitter 

Although lenses falling out might not seem too dangerous, if the lenses had moved within the eye or broken because of the force, it truly could impact idols.

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t hide their feelings about Young Ji’s comment. Although fans love the concept of the festival, the rapper showcased the more dangerous sides of the water.

In particular, it seemed like the members were aware of the dangers. It is known that NingNing underwent eye surgery when she was younger but still says she can barely see anything out of her right eye, which is why she’s often seen wearing glasses when faced with flashing lights.

So, it meant that fans couldn’t hide their relief when they spotted that NingNing was wearing goggles during the performance.

The other members then joined NingNing and proved they’d heard Young Ji’s warnings as they all put on goggles.

Of course, netizens love WATERBOMB Festival, and there’s nothing else like it for idols. Yet, Young Ji shared that everything has its risks and showcased her love for aespa with the warning.

Source: @wintersrabbit