Actress Lee Yu Bi Announces She’ll Be Taking Strict Legal Actions Against Malicious Commenters

She’s also joined the fight against malicious commenters.

Actress Lee Yu Bi has joined the fight against malicious commenters as she announced that she’ll be taking strict legal actions against them!

After suffering under the malicious comments for a long time, she has finally decided to wage war. She had reportedly debated whether or not to take malicious action but after the haters refused to stop, she decided to not take her legal cases lightly.


She has recently been harassed by malicious commenters about her father’s capital market case that was ultimately ruled as innocent. Despite the legal ruling, haters continued to curse her out in many of her articles.

Many also criticized her simply for being the daughter of a famous actress, named Kyeon Miri. They continued to compare her to her mom and target her family.



Her agency confirmed the news and revealed that they will not be taking settlements at all.

It’s true that we have decided to sue malicious commenters. We have absolutely no plans to settle.

We are currently collecting our documents.

— Sidus HQ


Lee Yu Bi also shared the news reports on her Instagram page as a warning to her malicious haters.


Lee Yu Bi is well known for her role in Pinocchio and her recent drama, A Poem A Day.


Hopefully, her strong legal actions will put a large dent into the hateful online culture!

Source: eDaily