ELFs Attack Fan For Exposing Leeteuk’s Attempt At Sliding Into MOMOLAND Yeonwoo’s DMs

ELFs say Leeteuk has nothing to apologize for.

Super Junior fans are coming to Leeteuk‘s defense in response to an incident involving a mistaken message and a MOMOLAND Yeonwoo fan page.


It all started with an erroneously sent DM. Leeteuk accidentally sent the following direct message to what he thought was Yeonwoo’s personal Instagram account. The message said, “Hi, Yeonwoo”.


It turns out, this Instagram account (yeonwoo_momolnd) is actually a popular fan page operated by a Yeonwoo fan.


Shortly after Leeteuk’s message was received, the fan page’s admin exposed it in a public Instagram story entitled, “noticed”.


Soon after Leeteuk’s message went public, Leeteuk began receiving criticism from netizens for attempting to slide into Yeonwoo’s DMs. Many of these critics pointed out the stars’ large age gap.


In response to the backlash, Leeteuk posted the following apology on October 5.

“All I wanted was to say is “you worked hard” to a hoobae that regularly works hard during broadcasts and this time, at the Asia Song Festival. Because of me, I’m sorry Yeonwoo. I also apologize to the fan that was surprised because of my sudden DM.” — Leeteuk


Leeteuk claimed that he had attempted to reach out to Yeonwoo as her industry senior, to tell her, “you worked hard”. He had recently hosted the 2018 Asia Song Festival with MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo and Nancy, on October 3rd.


In the comment section of Leeteuk’s apology post, ELFs have left messages of love and support. They insist that Leeteuk has nothing to apologize for because he has done nothing wrong.


ELFs have also fired back at netizens for calling Leeteuk offensive names and for criticizing his attempt to connect with Yeonwoo on social media.


ELFs are also demanding that the Yeonwoo fan page’s admin remove the story from Instagram. They have pointed out that the careless post could have cost Leeteuk his reputation and career.


Fans have made it clear that this incident will not affect their love for Leeteuk and that they will continue to support him during this time.