Legendary Director And Photographer Gus Van Sant Reveals He’d Like To Work With BTS’s “Peaceful” Jimin

Are you excited for a possible VanSantxJimin collaboration?

BTS, there’s another great artist that’s interested in a collaboration!

Gus Van Sant is a critically acclaimed American director and photographer, known for films such as My Own Private Idaho (1991), To Die For (1995) and Good Will Hunting (1997). He has also worked with and photographed renowned actors like Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore.

On October 23, the fashion and contemporary culture magazine i-D released an interview with the renowned director and photographer. Among the questions administered, he was asked if there was an actor he would like to work with. In response, he answered he’d like to work with Jimin.


He’s not really an actor, but sometimes I see people that have a kind of peaceful thing about them that I like, and right now that person would be Jimin from BTS. I’d love to photograph him too, but maybe that’s something for the future? —Gus Van Sant


Fans have, quite understandably, been freaking out:


You can read the full article interview here: