Legendary First-Gen K-Pop Idol Stuns Netizens By Joining The “Hype Boy” Challenge

“She hasn’t changed at all…” 🔥

NewJeans‘ hit song “Hype Boy” has had fellow celebrities, Tokkis, and even locals dancing along to the addictive track.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hanni, Haerin, Minji, Danielle, and Hyein | ADOR

It’s been seven months since NewJeans made their surprise debut and released their first mini-album, which set a record by selling over 260,000 albums during first-day sales.

The first two songs released were “Attention” and “Hype Boy,” which immediately caught the attention of fans and locals worldwide.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

Their iconic debut had fans wanting more; even their senior industry peers couldn’t help stanning the charming rookie group.

From a vocal cover by HYBE Labels labelmate BTS‘s Jungkook and SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon


vernon singing and dancing to new jeans’ hype boy in different angles 😆 #vernon #seventeen #newjeans #kpop

♬ Hype Boy – NewJeans

…to a dance cover from fellow HYBE Labels’ TXT‘s Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM

… to veteran Korean rapper Jessi jamming to “Hype Boy” and “Attention,” NewJeans’ music had an undeniable hold on the industry and still does over half a year later.

A legendary first-generation K-Pop idol and actress recently took part in the trend and blew netizens away with her performance. 

S.E.S was one of K-Pop’s first girl groups, and they were formed under SM Entertainment. The group debuted as SM Entertainment’s first girl group in 1997 after the massive success of the company’s first boy group, H.O.T.

(From left to right) S.E.S.’s Eugene, Bada, and Shoo

S.E.S’s Eugene quickly rose as a representative visual of K-Pop’s first generation alongside fellow legends such as Fin.K.L‘s Lee Hyori and Baby V.O.X‘s Kan Miyoun.

Eugene was, and still is, known for her beauty and continues to stun netizens with her talent and unaging visuals.

S.E.S.’s Eugene in December 2022 | @eugene810303/Instagram

Eugene recently hosted a fan meeting on February 25 (KST) and delighted fans by joining the “Hype Boy” dance challenge.

The cover took netizens back to the 90s as they questioned if time had actually passed since S.E.S ruled the stage with Eugene’s impressive skills.

Her cover quickly went viral on a popular Korean online community board, where netizens shared their impressed reactions to the OG idol group member.

  • Daebak… This makes my heart race. LOL.”
  • “Wow, how is this even possible? It’s a dream come true.”
  • “Whoa… She’s adorable. How lovely!”
  • “My goodness. She still has her moves and expressiveness… She hasn’t changed at all since her S.E.S days. This is one of the best Hype Boy covers I’ve seen thus far. CRAZY good.”
  • “Makes sense she used to be a part of SM Entertainment. She’s really good! Haha. She’s even better than NewJeans.”

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