Legendary First-Generation Idol Is Facing 2 Years In Prison For DUI

“I have disappointed too many people through this incident, and for that, I am sorry…”

Shin Hyesung, who is a member of the legendary first-generation group, Shinhwa, is facing two years in prison for driving under the influence.

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On April 6, Shin Hyesung attended the first trial for his DUI case in which prosecutors demanded that the idol be sentenced to two years in prison. On this day, Shin Hye Sung appeared wearing a black mask and a black hat.

When asked about the charges by news reporters, the idol responded by apologizing.

I am sorry.

— Shin Hyesung

During the trial, Shin Hyesung’s lawyer reportedly claimed that the artist had been suffering from anxiety and depression.

The alleged singer has suffered from anxiety and depression during the 25 years he has been active as a Shinhwa member. In 2021, his symptoms became worse. During that time, he didn’t drink, and there were times that his acquaintances became worried because he couldn’t be reached.

— Shin Hyesung’s lawyer

The idol’s lawyer then stated that on the day of the DUI incident, Shin Hyesung drank alcohol for the first time in a long time, and because of this, he became very drunk, which led to the incident.

Shin Hyesung struggled with his mental health for two years, but because he was afraid the public would find out, he didn’t get treated. On the day of the incident, he had dinner with old acquaintances, for the first time in 13 years. Because he drank for the first time in a few years, he blacked out and couldn’t think properly. It is true he made a mistake, but this was unexpected as he isn’t a habitual drunk driver.

— Shin Hyesung’s Lawyer

Another lawyer then alleged that Shin Hyesung had driven the car thinking it was his and that he didn’t mean to drive someone else’s car. The lawyer also stated that the idol had come to amicable terms with the car’s owner and that the car’s owner did not want to press criminal charges.

Shin Hyesung lastly apologized to the courts and vowed never to make the same mistake again.

I should always set an example, but I have disappointed too many people through this incident, and for that, I am sorry. I will make sure never to allow this to happen again.

— Shin Hyesung

On October 11, the singer was arrested while sleeping in a vehicle that wasn’t his. According to the singer, the valet gave the idol a key to the wrong vehicle. At the time of the incident, police stated they did not find any evidence of the idol trying to steal the vehicle.




Source: spotv news
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