Legendary group Sechs Kies signs exclusively with YG Entertainment

After 16 years, legendary male group Sechs Kies will be reuniting under YG Entertainment as five of the six original members recently signed an exclusive contract with the agency.

On May 11th, YG Entertainment confirmed that members Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Duc, Kang Sung Hoon and Jang Su Won have signed a contract together to promote as a group.

However, it is still unknown as to whether sixth member Ko Ji Yong would be joining the group. Unlike the other members of the group following the initial disbandment of Sechs Kies and who continued to follow a career in music, Ko Ji Yong went overseas to study and became a businessman thus making it even more difficult for him to participate in such promotions.

The group held a reunion event thanks to Infinite Challenge on their latest episode of “Totoga 2” with Ko Ji Yong participating, wearing his business suit at the concert. His participation as been credited to the show who persuaded him to make an appearance.

With the support of YG Entertainment, old time fans of Sechs Kies can look forward to new music from the group while those unfamiliar with this 1st generation idol group can anticipate their comeback as well.

Sechs Kies originally debuted under DSP Media at the time known as Daesung Entertainment.

Source: OSEN