Legendary K-Pop Group g.o.d. Aiming For Comeback Through New Variety Show

Fans are already looking forward to what these 5 talented entertainers are planning!

The legendary K-Pop idol group, g.o.d., could possibly be making a comeback through a variety show program!


The veteran idol group is reportedly planning to star in a travel-themed variety show that includes all 5 members!

“G.o.d. is currently positively discussing the production of a variety program based on a travel concept where the members travel the Camino de Santiago in Spain.” ㅡ JTBC Affiliate


Details of the program have not yet been determined, but fans have already been getting extremely excited.

  • “Omg a g.o.d reunion…yaaasss!!!!”
  • “All members?? Daebak!”
  • “Joon Park is so funny even by himself…how funny will it be if all 5 members travel together LOL”
  • “Wow, this is amazing. Of course g.o.d. is the best at reality and variety shows.”
  • “This is amazing. I’m excited already!”
  • “I hope it comes out soon!!!!”
  • “This is daebak lol they usually don’t ever do variety shows daebak…”
  • “g.o.d variety show💙 I’m in 💙
  • Daebak…it’s really fun to watch the members just being together.”
  • “I love you JTBC. Let’s go g.o.d!!”


G.o.d. debuted back in 1999 and became one of the most prominent K-Pop artists of the early 2000s.

They were one of the few first-generation idol groups to sell over a million albums on multiple albums. Moreover, their hit songs such as “To Mother”, “Lie”, “Sky Blue Balloon” and many more are considered classics among South Koreans of the generation.


After discontinuing promotions as a group from 2005, they made a comeback in 2014 during which they received a warm welcome back from fans.

In July 2014, they came back with their title song “The Story of Our Lives” from their 8th album.


Despite their extended hiatus, the group continues to have a large fanbase in South Korea, many of whom are now awaiting their new variety show program!

Source: Star News and Naver