Legendary Rock Band Queen Applauds BTS For Their Positive Influence Through Music

Legends supporting legends!

British rock band Queen has officially been shook by K-Pop and BTS. On January 16 KST, Queen held their press conference in Seoul to talk about their upcoming concert in Korea.

After the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” released in Korea back in 2018, Queen became a hot topic in Korea. The band revealed how shocked they were to see so many fans waiting to greet them at the airport. “I had only heard about how great the movie did in Korea but it was shocking to see so many people greet us at the airport. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard screams from the young audience.”


The movie highlights the famous Wembley Stadium, which is a great memory the band holds together. This is also the same location BTS held their performance as well. Brian May commented, “I’ve learned about K-Pop in the U.K. and we always welcome people who use their own ways to spread a new influence to this generation. I’m sure they are going to continue to do great.”


Adam Lambert added, “K-Pop’s visuals are amazing. The visuals are more than just something fun to see. It gives us inspiration. I’ve seen so many amazing visuals from BTS.”


The band expressed that it was very rare to gain this much popularity from the whole world and that they truly congratulated the popularity of K-Pop in the world. “It is a different generation than us, but even we can feel just how great this movement is.”


They couldn’t wait to see what else would be in store for K-Pop in the future. “Some say rock is dead, but it’s not. It’s continuously growing and evolving. We’re curious to see how K-Pop will evolve and grow over time.”


Fans were happy to see legends supporting legends!


Best wishes to Queen for their upcoming concert!


Source: daum