Legendary Second-Generation Idol Is Criticized For Claiming She Was Labeled A “Traitor” For Getting Married

“Is she going to keep lying until she brainwashes the public?”

Netizens reacted to former Wonder Girls member Sunye‘s comments about being labeled a traitor for leaving the group after getting married.

Sunye | @sunye.m/Instagram

On March 23, Sunye appeared on K-Pop Generation, a documentary streaming on the Korean platform TVING.

Poster for K-Pop Generation | TVING

In the episode, Jo Kwon praised Sunye for breaking boundaries as an idol and proving that idols are able to continue their career even after getting married.

Sunye was able to break out of the box that people put idols in. I think Sunye is the person who broke the stereotype about how married people can’t be an idol.

— Jo Kwon

Sunye then responded by joking about fans’ reactions to her marriage before stating she’d like for fans to be more open-minded towards artists and what makes them idols.


I was labeled a traitor for getting married while promoting as an idol.

Usually, they say idols’ average career length is 6-7 years, but (we) aren’t going to quit singing at that point. There might be another idol who, like me, after getting married, returns to their career. I wish (fans) were more open-minded.

— Sunye

Sunye’s comments have since gone viral among netizens, with many alleging Sunye was trying to revise the history of her departure. Many netizens called out the idol for her statement and alleged Sunye didn’t have any plans to return when she originally left.

  • “I’m not too familiar with the Wonder Girls, but did she have any intentions of continuing her career when she got married?”
  • “Didn’t it feel like she retired because she didn’t promote after getting married? Aren’t (her comments) something a person who promoted continued to promote after getting married should say?”
  • “Please stop…”
  • “Why is she doing this? ㅜㅜ.”
  • “Wow, I understand why fans don’t like her…”
  • “Umm, but she wouldn’t have been as criticized if she had continued promoting? She only believes what she wants to believe in, like her religion.”
  • “Is she going to keep lying until she brainwashes the public? Is she using the tactics used in Christianity? Amazing… I liked her OST for Conspiracy in the Court too…”
  • “It seems she’s used to saying what she wants to believe, LOL.”

Sunye debuted with the iconic second-generation group Wonder Girls in 2007 and enjoyed immense popularity. The idol shocked fans when in 2013, she announced she would be getting married. Sunye officially left the group in 2015.


Source: theqoo and wikitree