Legendary Singer Kim Gun Mo Announces He Is Finally Getting Married

Congratulations to Kim Gun Mo!

Legendary singer Kim Gun Mo has announced that he is finally getting married!

Through a press release, he announced that his marriage will be held on January 30, 2020. His fiancée is a pianist in her 30’s, and she graduated from Berklee College of Music.

Kim Gun Mo and his fiancée met in the winter of 2018 through an acquaintance. After around a year of dating, they have decided to get married. Despite their age difference of over 12 years, they bonded through their love of music.

Kim Gun Mo’s marriage came as a surprise to many, as both he and his mother recently participated in a recording of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, and made no mention of the marriage. He even recorded for SBS’s All the Butlers, which will be broadcast on November 10, and again, made no mention of his marriage.

Kim Gun Mo is one of Korea’s most respected singers, selling over 10 million albums since his debut in 1992. The only downside to his marriage is that he will have to leave the cast of My Little Old Boy, as the show focuses on celebrities who are single and unmarried.

Source: SPOTV