Legendary SM Composer Yoo Young Jin Caught Illegally Riding Unlicensed Motorcycle

SM Entertainment says he is deeply reflecting upon his ignorant and foolish actions.

SM Entertainment director and legendary composer Yoo Young Jin was charged for riding an unlicensed motorcycle.


The motorcycle in question is one of the newest motorcycle models, costing about ₩29 million KRW ($~25,000 USD), and did not pass inspection by the Department of Environment — meaning it is not permitted to run in South Korea.

In order to ride the motorcycle, Yoo Young Jin placed one of the licence plates from his other motorcycles onto the unlicensed one and rode it in Seoul almost everyday for about two months.


He was caught riding the unlicensed motorcycle when he contacted his insurance company after being involved in an accident in the Cheongdam area of Seoul.

“The proper registration and insurance procedures could not be done [on the motorcycle], so of course there was no proper licence plate [for the motorcycle].”

— Police Representative


Police booked Yoo Young Jin on charges of using the motorcycle illegally without detention and have passed his case to the prosecution team. His case was forwarded along with 5 others — including the president of the company that sold him the motorcycle.


SM Entertainment has since released an official statement regarding the situation.

“In the midst of waiting for a proper licence to be issued, the motorcycle was driven and the law was broken. Director Yoo Young Jin is deeply reflecting upon his ignorant and foolish actions.”

— SM Entertainment 

Source: YTN