These Are The Legendary SM Entertainment Idols That The NCT Dream Members Named As Their Ultimate Role Models

NCT Dream stans some iconic idols!

The NCT Dream members are currently the youngest idols of SM Entertainment.

And there are many perks about coming from an entertainment company with such a long history of success.

One of these includes having so many labelmates to look up to!

And many SM Entertainment idols have been willing to dote on NCT Dream as if they were their little brothers.

Recently, NCT Dream sat down for an interview with CNBC Indonesia.

One of the questions they were asked was, “Who does NCT Dream choose as their role models?”

Haechan stated that his role model is SHINee’s Taemin.

Haechan’s love for Taemin has been no secret. He previously admitted in interviews that he had been a massive fan of Taemin since his childhood.

Taemin has been known since debut as one of the best idol dancers. His tremendous improvement in his vocals underlines his capacity for hard work and determination.

With such incredible success as a solo artist, it is no wonder that many idols like Haechan look up to Taemin.

Jeno shyly answered that his role model is his doppelganger Super Junior’s Donghae.

Before Jeno debuted in NCT, Donghae had an instant soft spot for him, due to their similar appearances.

Super Junior has been active for over fourteen years and is still experiencing success.

Donghae has remained on top of his game with his songwriting, variety appearances and duo group Super Junior-D&E with fellow member Eunhyuk.

Chenle revealed that his role model is TVXQ’s Yunho.

Yunho has had one of the craziest journeys of any idol.

Despite the challenges he faced throughout the years, he still stood proud as the leader of TVXQ.

And even with all the success, he has achieved, he is always looking out for his juniors. He went to NCT 127’s first-ever concert and gained attention for passionately cheering on the group.

Jaemin named Siwon as his role model.

Siwon and Jaemin got to know each other as UNICEF Korea Special Representatives.

Anyone who follows Siwon on Instagram knows of his commitment to lifting the health outcomes of children all across the world.

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여러분 11월 20일은 매년 세계 어린이의 날(World Children’s Day)이고, 올해는 유엔아동권리협약(Convention of the Rights of the Child)을 맺은 지 30주년이 되는 해입니다. 유니세프는 어린이가 마주한 사회적 문제를 해결하기 위해 기금을 모으고, 옹호 활동을 펼쳐 어린이가 미래를 펼칠 수 있도록 돕습니다. 여러분의 관심과 도움이 절실합니다. Every year on November 20th -to mark the signing of the Convention of the Rights of the Child-UNICEF celebrates World Children’s Day and advocates, raises funds and awareness for the most pressing issues facing children, so that every child can fulfil their potential. (Matthew 22:39, John 21:15, John 13:34-35) @unicef @unicef_kr @unicefmalaysia @unicef_thailand @unicef_vietnam

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As beautiful inside as he is on the outside, Siwon continues to work hard as a member of Super Junior. Years since his debut, he is still taking part in acting, variety, and music.

Meanwhile, Jisung and Renjun were more diplomatic with their answers.

They stated that all of their seniors were their role models!

All of SM Entertainment’s idols have gone through vigorous training before their debut.

That explains why all of SM Entertainment groups have been so successful, and deservedly so!

SM Entertainment idols are considered role models for so many people due to their commitment, talent, and efforts.

Despite being the youngest of the company, NCT Dream has already experienced much success.

It is clear that the members will follow in the footsteps of their seniors. And NCT Dream will do them proud.