Leia Directly Responds To Speculations She Has Left BLACKSWAN

She has been on hiatus since November 2022.

BLACKSWAN‘s leader Fatou recently addressed concerns fans have voiced about the future of the group’s line-up.

In her audio message to LUMINAs (BLACKSWAN fans), Fatou confirmed that BLACKSWAN’s current active line-up would be their “final line-up,” with no additional changes being made to the group.

(From left:) BLACKSWAN’s Gabi, Fatou, NVee, and Sriya | @blackswan__official/Instagram

Since their debut in 2020, the group has undergone multiple line-up changes. Hyeme, who debuted with the group, left BLACKSWAN after only a month of promotions.

In 2022, two new members, Gabi and Sriya, joined, and shortly after, Youngheun and Judy graduated from BLACKSWAN.

(From left:) Leia, Youngheun, Fatou, and Judy

In November 2022, DR Music announced that member Leia would be going on a temporary hiatus while she returned to her family in Brazil to focus on her health.

BLACKSWAN was then joined by new member NVee in December 2022.

| DR Music

Since the announcement about Leia’s hiatus, there has been no official update on her status with the group.

Fatou’s statement to fans made it clear the group was to continue as four members (Fatou, Sriya, Gabi, and NVee), with no specific mention of Leia.

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou | @b_fatou_s/Instagram

I saw some of you guys worrying about there being new BLACKSWAN members, but believe me, the four of us are the final line-up for BLACKSWAN. Don’t worry about new members coming in, it’s just the four of us forever.


Many took Fatou’s statement as an unofficial confirmation of Leia’s departure from the group, and now Leia has weighed in through comments she made from her personal Instagram account.

While responding to a Brazilian K-Pop media outlet’s Instagram post about Fatou’s statement, Leia seemingly urged DR Music to make an official statement about her departure from the group, saying, “Announce it already!!!” while expressing her frustration with the situation.

Leia’s comment on Revista KoreaIN’s Instagram post about BLACKSWAN. | @revistakoreain/Instagram

After her initial comment, she added another to her thread, saying she hasn’t “received [her] liberation” yet and is still “waiting,” seemingly implying that she may be waiting for her contract to end with DR Music.

| @revistakoreain/Instagram

At this time, DR Music has not made an official announcement about Leia’s status with BLACKSWAN.

Stay tuned for updates.