“Let’s Go Man Soo Ro” Responds To Claims That Cristiano Ronaldo Unilaterally Canceled His Appearance

Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized by the K-Netizens.

World-famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, and his Italian soccer team, Juventus, were scheduled to appear on Let’s Go Man Soo Ro. Let’s Go Man Soo Ro is a Korean variety show about soccer, which stars casts such as Kim Soo Ro, EXO‘s Kai, NU’EST‘s Baekho and more.

The show had prepared an episode were the Korean Soccer League players compete against Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo himself. However, reports claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo and his team were late, causing the filming to delay, and ultimately canceled their appearance without discussing with the production team.


An employee on the production team reportedly explained that Juventus and Ronaldo canceled on them unilaterally without any proper explanation. They also claimed that they did not apologize for their actions. Cristiano Ronaldo had also canceled on his fan signing that was supposed to take place before their filming.

Kim Soo Ro had also uploaded a discreet post on his Instagram with a photo of Ronaldo, cutely asking him why he did what he did.

At least say something… If you don’t I’m going to be vewy sad.

You stoopid…. butthole……[I’m trying to cutely express my complaints]….₩ (Korean Won Sign)

— Kim Soo Ro


However, it appears that this was all a misunderstanding as Let’s Go Man Soo Ro‘s production team spoke up to explained what had really happened.

It’s true that we had an interview scheduled with the Juventus players, but Ronaldo wasn’t specified in the contract.

While discussing the details, we decided not to go ahead with the filming. It’s not true that we were unable to film due to the team’s tardiness or other issues. The production team didn’t go to the filming sight either.

— Let’s Go Man Soo Ro

Source: Spotv News and Sports Chosun