LG U+ removes all adverts featuring TWICE’s Tzuyu following controversy

The controversy regarding TWICE’s Tzuyu holding a flag of Taiwan has caused an impact on her advertisement deals specifically towards mobile brand, LG U+. 

On January 15th, LG U+ issued a statement with regards to having Tzuyu as their brand endorser and stated that all television slots and Youtube adverts featuring the singer have been suspended. It was explained that their latest line “Y6” is collaboration between their Chinese manufacturer Huawei.

It was explained that as the public opinion towards Tzuyu in China has not been good, they have decided to remove all products endorsed by the singer as a result. LG U+ also clarified that despite the controversy, Tzuyu’s contract with the company remains valid.

Meanwhile, Tzuyu, along with JYP Entertainment, has issued an official apology and announced their decision to halt all activities in China in order to reflect.



Source: Dispatch