SISTAR Joins List of K-Pop Idols Who Support LGBTQ Relationships

Sistar is the latest group in what appears to be a trend of K-Pop idols publicly showing their support towards the LGBTQ community.

Sistar’s comeback track, “One More Day” is a major collaboration piece with Giorgio Moroder, a pioneer of electronic and disco music.

Unlike their previous releases, the members of Sistar do not star in this music video. Instead, actress Hong Soohyun (Brunette) and model Song Haena (Blonde) share most of the screentime.

The music video centers around a love triangle between the two girls and Song Haena’s boyfriend. From the intimate scenes shared between Soohyun and Haena, it is safe to assume that they are lovers and possibly having an affair.

As the story progresses, Haena’s boyfriend is found to be abusive, with the scene cumulating in Soohyun smashing a brick against the boyfriend. Haena is then seen joining Soohyun to beat her abusive boyfriend to death.

The music video ends with the two destroying the evidence of the murder and running away together.

K-pop music videos do not usually contain LGBT themes but Sistar’s label, Starship Entertainment, is not one to follow others. K.Will, who is also represented by Starship, also released a music video in 2012 for his song, “Please Don’t” which featured a LGBTQ love story.

Actor Seo In Guk, the protagonist in K.Will’s music video shares a love triangle with Sistar’s Dasom and Actor Ahn Jaehyun. By the end of the song, we learn that Seo In Guk’s character had actually been in love with Ahn Jaehyun the entire time.

MONSTA X‘s “All In”, Sistar’s “I Like That”, and Cosmic Girls‘ “Secret” have also contained several subtle hints of LGBT themes as well.

The Korean drama “Lily Fever,” also had a lesbian kiss scene starring Fiestar’Jei.