LIGHTSUM’s Han Chowon Sets The Record Straight About Her Real Rank On “Produce 48”

“Please fix this, ok? This is important to me.”

LIGHTSUM‘s Han Chowon has spoken up about her actual ranking on Produce 48.

Han Chowon | CUBE Entertainment

Chowon recently appeared on the Youtube channel icon chips, where she watched and reviewed her infamous performance on the survival show! When she was a participant on Produce 48, Chowon, alongside Kang HyewonAsai Nanami, Sato Minami, Chiba Eriii, and Asai Yuka formed a group battle team where they performed BLACKPINK‘s “BOOMBAYAH”, and were nicknamed “Hellbayah” after they gained notoriety for their performance!

The “Hellbaya” Team

As Chowon watched the performance and read comments about it, one particular comment caught her eye, which said,

Thanks to ‘Hellbayah’ Kang Hyewon moved up to debut rank, Han Cho Won moved up from 80th to 13th place, Erii appeared on Korean variety shows and gained attention, Minami became an official member of AKB and gained many Korean fans, and overall all of them turned out well.

After reading the comment, however, Chowon wanted to set the record straight, and revealed that her rank was much higher than it said in the comment!

Please fix this comment. I moved up to 6th place, not 13th place. Please fix this, ok? This is important to me.


After the rigging scandal of the Produce series went public in 2019, Chowon was ultimately revealed to have been one of the trainees who was unfairly eliminated from the show. She even spoke up about the elimination, revealing she “felt confused and like things are really unfair.” But Chowon soon got another chance at her debut this year, and debuted in LIGHTSUM!

| CUBE Entertainment

You can watch her talk about it here!

Source: The Qoo
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