Fans Aren’t Pleased With Cube Entertainment Amid News Of LIGHTSUM’s Huiyeon And Jian’s Departure

Fans allege the change wasn’t mutual.

Earlier, we reported that Cube Entertainment‘s LIGHTSUM, originally an eight-member group, will be coming back with only six of its members.

LIGHTSUM | Cube Entertainment

On October 25, the group’s label stated that original members Huiyeon and Jian would not be part of the group moving forward and that the rest of the members would remain in the group.

Jian | Cube Entertainment
Huiyeon | Cube Entertainment

The label didn’t state the reason for the member change or whether Huiyeon and Jian would remain with the label.

Cube Entertainment’s full statement is below.

This is Cube Entertainment.

First, we would like to apologize to the fans who have always loved and supported LIGHTSUM for the sudden news.

After careful deliberations, LIGHTSUM will reorganize as a six-member group (Juhyeon, Chowon, SangAh, Hina, Yujeon, and Nayoung) moving forward. We will do our very best to support LIGHTSUM so that they can promote even better.

Also, we would like to ask for your support for Huiyeon and Jian, who aren’t able to be with us.

Thank you.

— Cube Entertainment

Netizens reacted to this change with shock, as there were no forewarnings that drastic changes were going to be made to the group. Many netizens alleged that it seemed like members Huiyeon and Jian were kicked out of the group and stated if this is true, that it isn’t fair to the members.

  • “If you were going to do this, you shouldn’t have debuted them in the first place, LOL. You guys are the ones to debut a group with a lot of members. What happens to the members if you just cut them? The statement seems like not much thought went into it.”
  • “Do the members not have lives? If you thought they wouldn’t cut it, you should have let them go before they debuted so that they could find another label. There were talks that they didn’t fit the group from the get-go. If you guys had done a better job at picking the members, the group would have done a lot better. This situation is a lose-lose for the members that are getting kicked out and the group.
  • “Although they weren’t the most popular members, it’s still not right to just cut them after debuting. I’m not sure what Cube is thinking. Are you sure they left on their own?”
  • “It seems that they cut the least popular members since LIGHTSUM had 8 members when most idol groups have 5-6 members. It sucks.”
  • “Not only is their statement insensitive to the members, but it shows they don’t care about the fans. LOL. It’s seriously too much. Jian is still so young.”
  • “Honestly, I thought that the group would be better off without the dongseng line… That’s why I think the split wasn’t mutual. The one member from the dongseng line that didn’t get cut is the most popular one. I think they cut the least popular members.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann
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