“LILI’s FILM” Director Anthony King Talks About His Experience Working With BLACKPINK’s Lisa

“Lisa is a god at performing!”

Director Anthony King had nothing but praise for BLACKPINK‘s Lisa in a recent interview with FO Squad Kpop!

Cheshir Ha, Lisa, and Anthony King. | @iamanthonyking/Instagram

King worked with Lisa on three installments of her “LILI’s FILM” series: #3, #4, and “The Movie.”

“LILI’s FILM #3” | Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

King explained that he got in contact with Lisa through close friend and choreographer Cheshir Ha, who worked with Lisa for her performance videos.

Left to right: Ousmane, Anthony King, and Lou.

He said that because he had shot many dance videos in the past, he wasn’t nervous. But he did have adrenaline from “shooting the biggest, hottest K-Pop idol chick in Asia — in the world!”

“LILI’s FILM #4” | Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

King told Ousmane and Lou about an equipment mishap that happened on the set of “LILI’s FILM [The Movie]” where one of the crew members knocked over a camera.

And another where both his camera focus and his memory card would suddenly stop working, making them re-film scenes!

The FO Squad duo freaked out over the idea of Lisa watching this all go down and even having to tell her to restart, but King said “She was so cool!”

Lisa, when we filmed “The Movie,” she was so cool, she was so chill. Her energy was just dope. She was like just chilling, cracking jokes, just having fun, you know what I mean? Like while just killing it.

— Anthony King

“LILI’s FILM [The Movie]” | Lilifilm Official/YouTube 
King said “Lisa is a god at performing.” He continued on to say there was never a time where he had to ask Lisa to step it up.

At the end of the video, FO Squad asked him to tell any unknown stories, but King said he had nothing else to talk about “besides my camera stuff being whatever and just Lisa being god-tier perfect.

Check out the full interview below!