Korean Singer Apologizes For Making His Pregnant Wife Drive Him

Singer and Actor Lim Chang Jung explained his side of the SNS controversy that involved him and his pregnant wife. 

Lim Chang Jung proudly posted a photo of his pregnant wife driving him home last March 6th. However, netizens were disappointed at the photo. He was criticized for making  his heavily pregnant wife, drive him home after he went out drinking.

On March 7th, NH Media released a statement that explained Lim Chang Jung’s side of the story.

“I ate with an acquaintance near our home. My wife offered to drove me for my safety. I initially expressed my happiness about my daily life somewhat playfully, but it was read wrongly.

I am sorry for all those who were uncomfortable. Thank you for worrying about my wife’s safety.”

— Lim Chang Jung

Lim Chang Jung has deleted the controversial photo since then.

Lim Chang Jung also addressed the suspicion that he deleted his SNS account immediately after. However, he denied this accusation and stated that he remains active on SNS. According to the singer, the closed account that netizens were referring to was an old account he used in the past and has been communicating with fans through a new username ever since.

He also deleted the photo from his personal Instagram page in respect of his wife.

“I was worried that my wife, a pregnant woman, will be psychologically distressed because of the bad comments.”

— Lim Chang Jung

Lim Chang Jung married his wife, 18 years his junior, in South Korea in January. Since then, the couple has announced that they are expecting their first child together.

Source: Dispatch