Korean Model Attempts Suicide During Her Livestream After Argument

Earlier, the model called out other streamers for allegedly not compensating her properly.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Fans are shocked after a Korean model attempted to end her own life during a lifestream.

Lim Ji Hye | Wikitree

On June 11, livestreamer Lim Ji Hye (also known as BJ Imvely) broadcasted herself drinking with several other streamers. In the broadcast, Lim Ji Hye is seen getting into an argument with several people before going home, where she held another livestream.

Lim Ji Hye (third from left) with other streamers | Afreeca TV

In the second livestream, it is reported that the streamer criticized several other streamers and alleged she hadn’t been compensated for a previous broadcast in which she appeared as a guest for the other streamers.

Lim Ji Hye’s second livestream | Wikitree

According to reports, a crying Lim Ji Hye then wrote a suicide note before apologizing and walking away from the camera.

I’m sorry for everything.

— Lim Ji Hye

Not long after, emergency responders could be seen entering her home and yelling for a scissor.

Paramedics entering Lim Ji Hye’s home |

Lim Ji Hye’s health is currently unknown. A YouTuber would claim that she went into cardiac arrest twice and is currently unconscious, but his claims aren’t verified.

Lim Ji Hye is a model/livestreamer who debuted in 2006 through Maxim magazine. In 2013, the model worked for Road FC as a ring girl. She married in 2014 but divorced soon after. Lim Ji Hye has two daughters.

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Source: wikitree