Lim Seulong Signs An Official Contract With Jellyfish Entertainment

He has moved to a new company!

Former 2AM member Lim Seulong has joined a new company!

On February 4, it was announced that Lim Seulong has officially signed with a new company, Jellyfish Entertainment. Jellyfish Entertainment houses notable idol acts such as VIXX, gugudan and most recently, VERIVERY.

They also house notable actors such as Park Jung Ah and Kim Ye Won.

In a statement that they released, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed that they were happy to sing on Lim Seulong, and were looking forward to a good relationship between the two.

We’re very happy to have the chance to be able to work with Lim Seulong, an entertainer with various charms, experience and talent. We will support him to the fullest in his promotions and schedules, so we ask that you give him lots of love.

—Jellyfish Entertainment

The agency also officially announced it on Twitter:


Lim Seulong previously debuted with 2AM under JYP Entertainment in 2008. He’s had successful careers in both music as well as acting, collaborating with singer such as IU and Red Velvet‘s Joy. He has also made a name for himself as an actor, appearing in drams and films such as Miss Cop 2 and Acoustic. He left JYP Entertainment in 2015 to sign with the company SidusHQ, and remained with the company until now.