Korean Netizens React To Report Alleging “King The Land” Actors YoonA And Lee Jun Ho Are Dating

The two are reported to have been dating before filming began.

Netizens reacted to a media outlet’s article claiming that King The Land actors YoonA and Lee Jun Ho were dating in real life.

YoonA (left) and Lee Jun Ho (right) | Chosun Ilbo

On July 3, media outlet PROOF reported that Lee Jun Ho and YoonA had been dating before filming JTBC‘s hit K-Drama, King The Land.

An industry insider revealed to PROOF that Lee Jun Ho and Lim Yoona had been dating before filming JTBC’s weekend drama King The Land — The two are said to have chosen this drama for that reason.


If true, YoonA and Lee Jun Ho’s literal straight-out-of-a-K-Drama romance would surely thrill fans.

With that said, however, netizens are stating that they are not convinced by the report. Many pointed to the fact that the media outlet PROOF isn’t very well-known. Also, many netizens asked for further proof and chastised the outlet for publishing their articles solely based on hearsay alone.

  • “These rumors are so baseless, LOL.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “Hey, they should at least provide a picture or something. Are they just making stuff up? What is this?”
  • “But it isn’t like there is a (private) picture of them together or any other evidence. I think it’s best to see what happens.”
  • “Huh? LOL. There aren’t any pictures. Even on the off-chance that this is real, I don’t think they’ll admit it during the drama.”
  • “I’ve never seen this outlet before.”
  • “Is this the second coming of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin?”
Source: theqoo and proof

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