Chart-Topping Solo Singer Alleged To Be Dating Popular Second-Generation Idol — Labels Respond

“If the two weren’t dating, I don’t see why the person felt the need to change his words.”

Popular singer Lim Young Woong‘s agency quickly responded to allegations that he was dating former SISTAR member Soyou.

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On July 10, Wikitree reported dating allegations that stemmed from a picture of the stars at a restaurant in Jeju-do. A person from a famous bbq restaurant in Jeju-do reportedly uploaded two photos of himself. One with Lim Young Woong and the other with Soyou, on the same day.

| Wikitree
| Wikitree

The report quotes an informant who states that when fans asked the uploader if the stars came together, the person quickly took down the photo with Soyou.

When fans asked him if the two had come together, the person took down the photo of Soyou and later claimed that it wasn’t her. If the two weren’t dating, I don’t see why the person felt the need to change his words.

— Informant

The informant is then quoted as alleging that the two were previously seen together, but, at the time, there wasn’t any evidence.

When the two were alleged to have been seen together before, I thought it was just a rumor since there weren’t any pictures. But I am sure there is something more to these pictures.

— Informant

When asked about the allegations, Lim Young Woong’s agency reportedly shut them down, stating that the rumors were “Absolutely not true.” Soyou’s agency also denied the allegations.

Soyou recently traveled to Jeju-do to film, and merely visited the same place. They don’t have any relationship.

— Big Planet Made Ent

Meanwhile, Lim Young Woong is undeniably the highest-grossing solo artist in Korea. The ballad and trot singer is known for giving even the most popular idols a run for their money. Soyou is a singer who debuted as part of SISTAR. The singer has since transitioned into a TV Personality and solo singer.

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Source: wikitree
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