Line Distribution In New Single “Kitsch” Causes Upset Among IVE Fans

Fans are shocked at the main vocalist’s lack of lines.

IVE recently dropped their brand new pre-release single “Kitsch” to promote their upcoming album, and fans are more than shocked at the unfair distribution of lines between the members. It was Liz‘s lack of lines that upset fans in particular, with this being only one of the instances of many unfair line distributions that have caused an uproar within the IVE fandom.

The popular girl group greeted fans with “Kitsch” earlier today, with fans excited to see what IVE would follow up hit singles “LOVE DIVE” and “After Like.” The track release was accompanied by a trendy music video with stunning visuals, which received more than 600,000 views and 100,000 likes within one hour.

Fans had divided opinions on the song, with one of the points that sparked this being the distribution of lines between the IVE members. A similar upset was sparked following the release of their hit single “After Like.” DIVEs (IVE’s fandom name) took to social media to express their frustration at the lack of lines for members Gaeul and Liz.

The frustrations were particularly higher among Liz’s fans, as the idol is considered the group’s main vocalist.

In “After Like” the group’s vocalist had around 15 seconds of singing, as opposed to her members who had more, including Wonyoung who had 30 seconds.

This time around, the line distribution was even more shocking, with the main vocalist only singing 6 seconds throughout the entire song. The news became even more frustrating for Liz’s fans when they noticed all the other members had over 20 seconds of lines each, more than triple hers.

Understandably, DIVEs once again took to Twitter to share their disappointment and frustrations with the company. Many said this was very upsetting following months of excitement during the long wait for another IVE comeback. Others shared that they consider it “a crime” to have the main vocalist of the group sing only one line throughout the whole song.

A handful of fans remain positive, hoping the singer will have more opportunities to sing in the future and asking for more lines for Liz in IVE’s upcoming title track.


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