LIPBUBBLE Has Officially Disbanded After Two Years

They debuted back in 2017.

LIPBUBBLE is officially disbanding. Their agency, Zenith Media, shared the news with fans through a post in the official LIPBUBBLE fan cafe. LIPBUBBLE debuted back in 2017 with seven members.

Hello. It is Zenith Media. We would like to express sincere gratitude towards the fans of LIPBUBBLE and who have remained interested with them until now.

Zenith Media promised to spend a long time with LIPBUBBLE. However, as the thoughts and times of the memebrs are imporant, Zenith Media has decided to take these opinions to heart and disband the group.


LIPBUBBLE now has two albums. The teamwork and faith between the members is getting harder, and we are saddened to announce their disbandment.

We have decided to respect each member’s opinion and Zenith Media will continue to support each indivudual member and their activities in the future.

We would like to express our thanks to the fans who have love LIPBUBBLE all this time and we hope you will all look forward to the future activities of the members.

Thank you.

– Zenith Media

Hopefully, the future of the seven girls will be bright!

Source: Naver