Lisa’s Vocals In New AIS Teaser Hints To Her Being The Next Member Of BLACKPINK To Release A Solo Song

First was Jennie, now it looks like Lisa could be up next.

In March, it was announced that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa would become the Brand Presenter for Thailand’s telecom company AIS. On May 21, AIS uploaded a teaser titled “THE BEGINNING OF ALL GENERATIONS” featuring Lisa. The teaser was very simple and less than 10 seconds long, but the impact lasted far longer than that.

The teaser features Lisa’s vocals on an unknown song, and since she’s the only BLACKPINK member included in this endorsement deal all signs point to this being a solo song. Exactly what is being teased here has yet to be revealed; the teaser ends promising a May 23 release date of whatever it will be.

As YG Entertainment had a meticulous plan for the release of the BLACKPINK members’ solos, it is unlikely that this will be a full song released as a part of BLACKPINK’s catalog, but it’s not impossible! YG Entertainment groups have released songs as a part of company endorsements before: 2NE1‘s “Don’t Stop The Music” started as a theme song for Yamaha‘s Fiore, but became so popular it was added to their mini album.

Whatever the nature of the endorsement, BLINKs are waiting patiently for May 23 so they can get some more information.