Lisa’s a YouTuber Now and Her Videos Are Surreal

The vibes are unreal.

Last November, a video named “LILI’s FILM #1 – JISOO in Japan” was uploaded to the YouTube account, “Lilifilm Official“.

The uploaded video is a video log of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Jisoo‘s fun trip to Tokyo, Japan.

When fans found out that the YouTube account belongs to Lisa, who is known to enjoy photography, they were very surprised.

In the video, Jisoo often looks into the camera with a natural look on her face.

The two-minute video almost tricks you into thinking she’s on a date with Jisoo.

What really completes the video is the background music, which is BLACKPINK‘s  “See You Later”.

In response to the video, fans left positive comments such as:

“Lisa filmed a video pictorial for Jisoo.”

“Her video editing skills are on point.”

“I didn’t know she was this talented.”

The surreal video currently has more than 2.5 million views on YouTube, and a second video has been uploaded, which is a video log of BLACKPINK in Seoul.

Check out the videos for yourself: