The Little Girl From BTS’s “ON” MV Shares Her First Impressions Of BTS

Rina Johnson reveals what each member was like on set.

Rina Johnson, the child actress from BTS‘s “ON” MV, recently answered questions about working with the members.

In the music video, Rina played V‘s missing little sister. V removes her blindfold, takes her by the hand, and leads her into the bright future beyond their world’s borders.

When asked about her first impression of Jimin, Rina shared an anecdote about the concern he showed for the little boy he was paired with.

“Jimin was worried about the little boy who works with him,” she wrote. “because the little boy can’t be under the sun too long.”

“Jimin is V’s best friend and he was very sweet to everyone. And very good looking.”

Why did she single Jimin out as V’s bestie? Rina explained that V introduced Jimin to her that way when they met. She met V the first day, and the rest of BTS the following day.

Like many ARMYs, Rina can’t choose a single bias. “I like all of them,” she said. “V is gentle…”

“…Jimin is sweet, RM is the supermodel…”

“..Suga is nice…”

“…Jungkook is cute…”

“…Jin is cool…”

“…J-Hope is funny.” 

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