This Little Girl Receives Millions Of Views Without Even Saying A Word

She has tons of fans.

An elementary school girl that goes by the name Ddiyae has been receiving attention from netizens for her ASMR videos.


The girl has a whopping 724,000 subscribers and her most viewed video is at 10 million!


What she does in the videos is simply stick a mic to her face and try different kinds of food. She often has subtitles to explain the taste or her thoughts, but she doesn’t say a word in the actual video.

Thanks to the mic, viewers are able to clearly hear the sounds of her eating whatever it is that she chose to eat that day.


One of her videos, which she uploaded 2 months ago, has already accumulated 10,316,488 views. The video is titled, “Trying sea grapes, the sound is amazing.”


So what makes her videos so popular? It may be the uniqueness of a little girl doing a “mukbang”, the fact that she doesn’t say a single word, her cuteness or a combination of all three but what’s for sure is that she’s a sensation!


Check out her latest video below:


Source: Youtube