(★TRENDING) Livestreamer Has Been Hiding Her Marriage To Get Donations From Fans, and fans found out

In one month, a single fan donated over $13,000!

There has been some recent news making the rounds on the internet about a certain livestreamer who has been hiding a big secret.

The streamer, known by the name Amouranth, has allegedly been hiding her marriage for two years in order to get donations from her fans!


Netizens managed to uncover a web of secret conversations and photos of the couple together pointing to a relationship. Then netizens found out that her sweetheart had set his status to married in 2016, leading everyone to agree that she had really been married the whole time.

Amouranth and her alleged secret husband.


At first, netizens were thinking that she may have simply avoided all questions about relationships but others soon pointed out she actively said she was single. Netizens were even more shocked when they uncovered how much money she got from donations.

Amouranth’s monthly donations. Photo from L OF THE DAY.

One person even donated over $13,000 one month!


The sudden news that she had been married for a number of years shocked her fans. Many fans thought they were helping her out by donating, but now they are just angry that she was lying to them for so long.

While what she did has some fans saying her actions were bordering on fraud, it’s not so clear cut why she decided to keep her marriage a secret. Did she do it so that she could get the money? Or did she do it to keep her fans happy?


If she did it for her fans then there are some startling similarities between what she did and what K-Pop idols sometimes do. On occasion, celebrities will keep their relationships a secret to avoid any major backlash or even avoid hurting their fans.

Take the news of EXO‘s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon dating for instance. The two were caught secretly dating each other and even after their relationship was made official, fans believed they were being ignored by both idols and even created a petition to kick Baekhyun out of EXO. Eventually, they wrote an apology to their fans for keeping the whole thing secret and gained their support.


Another interesting similarity is the length of time the two were supposedly together. Whenever news breaks about Korean celebs dating, the source always seems to claim that the two idols were secretly dating for a number of months or even years, just like in Amouranth’s case.

On top of that, the idols and their agencies always have to give some sort of official statement as to whether the news is true or not.


Although Amouranth has not done so yet, some idols even feel the need to apologize to their fans for not disclosing their relationship. In other cases, they will hide their relationship until they feel confident they will have the support of their fans.

This is just like the sudden marriage and pregnancy announcement of FTISLAND‘s Minhwan and former Laboum member Yulhee. Fans were shocked by the sudden news but were very understanding that the two didn’t want to disappoint their fans.


So perhaps the real question isn’t whether or not the livestreamer did something wrong or not, it’s really whether she did it for the money or as a consideration to her fans.