Former After School Member Lizzy Has Brand New Image Since Changing Her Name

She now exudes more maturity.

In July 2018, former After School member, Lizzy, changed her name to Park Sooah and it’s not only her name that has changed. Recent photos show Park Sooah looking much more mature than Lizzy.


In a recent interview, Sooah revealed that she changed her name to open herself to new opportunities as an actress.

I am very thankful for the name Lizzy as it has made my character and helped raise my popularity. But because my variety show character’s image was so strong, there was a limit to the roles that I was receiving as an actress. This is why I chose to change my name to Park Sooah and begin again with the attitude of a rookie.

ㅡ Park Sooah


Since changing her name, she has transformed her cute and friendly image to a more mature and feminine one.


Park Sooah attended a launching show for the beauty and healthcare brand, Cell Return Platinum, at the Four Season Hotel in Seoul on the afternoon of June 24th.


On this day, she wore a long blue flower-patterned that emphasized her new image.


Here’s to seeing more of actress Park Sooah in the future!



Source: Dispatch