LOCO Opens Up About The Close Friendship He Shares With The Other Artists Of AOMG

All the talented artists under one house are also super good friends!

LOCO gave his two cents on the close relationship between all AOMG artists!

On the latest episode of Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak Show podcast, rapper LOCO appeared as a guest, and talked about tons of topics!

As part of the interview, one of the questions LOCO was asked was:

There’s a lot of people curious about AOMG; our listeners too. When you look at AOMG, there are so many talented artists. They have their own style but they all get along almost like a family or crew. So this is the question: As an artist in AOMG, what are the vibes that run in the AOMG family?

—Eric Nam

LOCO then revealed that the atmosphere around the labelmates is that of friends, and because of that comfortable feeling, everyone gets along really well!

Everyone is comfortable with each other like friends. Everyone’s close with the company’s employees as well.


Along with a friendly atmosphere, all the artists often meet up at the studio inside the company building, where they hang out together!

And since the company has a studio, and it is inside where it is easily accessible for everyone. So we end up going often. If I went in because I was bored, there would be Jay Park or Woo. And we’d ask if we wanted to go eat. Then we’d go eat nearby. Come back to the studio. Then we can work on a song together. Being comfortable around each other like this.


As AOMG artists often collaborate with each other, it’s great that they have such great synergy among them!


You can watch the whole thing from the 0:33 mark here!