LOEN Entertainment fires back at hate comments against IU

To defend their artists, many agencies have started to launch investigations and press charges against anyone posting malicious rumors and false facts.

On January 5, an official at LOEN Entertainment confirmed that there have been a total of 11 cases filed for malicious comments against IU, and each case resulted in a fine for the perpetrator. LOEN Entertainment has maintained it’s stance on thoroughly investigating cases of false rumors, defamation, and sexual harassment to protect its artists.

Below is the full translation of LOEN Entertainment’s statement.

This is LOEN Entertainment

Back in November, we noticed that malicious rumors and false facts about our artists and their associated companies were circulating both offline and online through SNS. We are pleased to inform that we will proceed with necessary legal protection and countermeasures for all of our artists in all of our subsidiaries.

The following is an example of our first accusations complaint, we would like to repeat that we will continuously follow-up with these types of responses in the future.

Regarding malicious comments and slander against our artist IU, we have been continuously monitoring and collecting evidence of defamation and slander. We have filed a complaint where the degree of malicious comments and slander exceeded an acceptable level, and last year a total of 11 suspects were fined.

We were thinking about disclosing the contents of this case to raise awareness about the issue at hand, as sexual harassment and malicious comments are especially tough for female artists, but it is something that is difficult to disclose, for the artists and their family. We thought that it would also create even more pains for the fans if we disclosed this. However, we would like to make an active effort to prevent any further damages through strong legal action.

In the future, we will continue to expand through our labels FAVE Entertainment, Cracker Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, King Kong Entertainment, and Plan A Entertainment. We will thoroughly investigate cases of malicious rumors and other misrepresentations of our artists, both offline and online. We will continue to support their business ventures and provide resources so that the artist’s rights are not violated and defamation does not reoccur.

We would like to warmly encourage everyone to support all of the artists under Loen. Thank You.

Source: Mydaily