LOONA’s Agency Under Fire As Fans Find Evidence They Photoshopped The Members

Once you see it, it’s undeniable.

With LOONA‘s new mini album [12:00] set to release in less than two weeks, their agency, BlockBerry Creative, is dropping daily teasers to get fans hyped up. However, fans have uncovered evidence of Photoshopping in the latest teaser image, and they’re not happy.

The most recent teaser for [12:00] shows all the LOONA members sitting in deserted field—minus Haseul, who is currently in the midst of mental health recovery. The fun photo features bright outfits, balloons, and hundreds of bubbles. However, upon closer inspection, there’s something not quite right.

| @loonatheworld/Twitter

Look closely at Chuu, the member on the far left, and you’ll notice something odd behind her back—the bubbles are stretched. While all the other bubbles in the image are naturally round, many of the bubbles around Chuu’s waistline are clearly warped into oval shapes.

Cropped from the original image. | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Given the clear image manipulation, fans can only come to one conclusion: the photo was poorly Photoshopped to make Chuu’s waist look smaller. Unsurprisingly, Orbits aren’t happy at all.

One fan even attempted to reverse the Photoshopping, showing that Chuu’s body is slender and beautiful without any editing.

The first pic is the official one and the second is one I edited to not be warped. The girls are gorgeous and don’t need it.

— @princessschuu on Twitter

To make matters worse, some Orbits believe this Photoshop stint is the latest in a long line of BlockBerry Creative’s harmful behaviors regarding Chuu’s body image.

Earlier this year, Chuu worried fans in a live audio broadcast when she revealed that the members were so hungry during LOONA yyxy recordings, they mapped out food places within walking distance so they could sneak out to eat.

Chuu also shared that when they bought snacks, they had to hide them in pillows, trash cans, and more to stop staff from confiscating them. Worse, the members even found themselves foraging for leftovers on set to satiate their hunger.

And that isn’t the only time the starlet has talked about body image. In a 2019 interview, Chuu told fans she considers herself too round. While she did say she loves her face, she also confessed she’s jealous of her member’s sharp features.

Sadly, some fans also believe BlockBerry Creative has been Photoshopping the LOONA members’ facial features in teasers, including Chuu’s face.

Ultimately, fans say that Photoshopping LOONA’s teasers is both unnecessary and harmful—to the members themselves and to impressionable young fans. Orbits are calling on BlockBerry Creative to stop the image manipulation, but the company is yet to respond.

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