LOONA’s Chuu Had The Cutest, Most Hilarious Reaction To Oh My Girl YooA’s Cover Of “Full Moon”

Nobody expected her to be THIS cute!

LOONA‘s Chuu had the most adorable reaction to Oh My Girl YooA‘s cover of “Full Moon”!

On an episode of Running Girls, the cast members all gathered to watch stellar stage performances of each others’ songs!

Watch videos of each other promoting!


First up was Sunmi, and the performance selected for viewing was her iconic first comeback, “Full Moon”! With the sultry, sexy choreography and Sunmi’s visuals, everyone was floored with what a great performance it was!

After showering the original choreography with tons of praise, the next performance video that had everyone cheering was none other than YooA’s cover of “Full Moon”, performed at a concert!

All the cast members were super impressed, with Sunmi even saying that “Full Moon” is a song completely suited to YooA’s charms and vibes!

You look gorgeous! This song suits YooA perfectly.


As part of the choreography, the male backup dancers behind YooA placed their hands on her shoulders as they strutted forward…

…drawing out the cutest, most hilarious reaction from Chuu!

Get your hands off of YooA unnie!! No! I’m going to protect her! My unnie! Hands off!


Watch this adorable moment here!