LOONA Is An Icon For Gay Pride In Chile

They’re proving to be LGBTQ legends!

LOONA first gained attention within the LGBTQ community when some of their videos seemed to portray homosexual relationships. Now, it appears that their all-inclusive videos have led them to gain fans all over the world and become a major gay pride icon in Chile!


The South American country recently held its 12th annual gay pride parade and a few LOONA stans decided to make pride signs with the idol group on them.


The signs were carried high for all to see and the bright signs certainly stood out in the crowd of people.


While no one could possibly miss them, the signs were reportedly a hit. Many people in the march noticed the poster, came over to talk with the signmakers, and took the chance to snap a picture!


Soon after pictures of the event went up on the internet, netizens were surprised yet pleased that the girl group seems to have become a major symbol for LGBTQ rights in Chile.


It’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for a girl group that technically hasn’t even debuted as a whole yet!

Source: @LOONAVERSEChile