LOONA Confess Most Of Their $9 Million Production Cost Was Spent On Food

Despite their lean figures, these 12 members can eat!

On March 19, LOONA guested on MBC FM4U‘s radio program Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’clock Date and confessed that the members love to eat.

When the DJ, Ji Suk Jin, brought up the fact that LOONA’s debut project cost approximately 9.9 billion won ($8.75 USD), Chuu added that most of the cost was probably spent on food.

Most of that was probably spent on food.

ㅡ Chuu


The DJ then asked whether the Loona members tended to eat a lot. Chuu explained exactly how much they could eat:

We can eat 1 chicken per person in addition to tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake).

ㅡ Chuu


She added that the members once went to a Korean barbecue restaurant before their debut and ate a whopping 40 portions among the 12 members!


It’s truly amazing how they can keep their lean figures with such a big appetite!


Meanwhile, LOONA has been taking over the charts in the US with their new EP “[X X]”, selling 2,000 copies in the US during the first week and becoming the highest debut on Billboard’s World Albums chart at #4.

LOONA Has Officially Taken Over The Charts In The US



Source: Newsen