LOONA Shows Love For Their LGBTQ+ Fans

“We want to go beyond gender, race, and nationality.”

Though homosexuality is still considered a taboo subject to most Koreans, LOONA did not shy away when their LGBTQ+ fans were mentioned. In an interview with MTV, LOONA discussed why they were so beloved by LGBTQ+ fan.

When asked the question, it is member Yves who speaks up.

I heard the LGBTQ+ community was really interested in the continued worlds of ‘New’ and Chuu’s solo, ‘Heart Attack’.

Chuu’s “Heart Attack” has been speculated to have a story line that features same-sex attraction. However, Yves has stated that that was not the intention they had in mind when filming.

When the song was being written and the video filmed, we didn’t see it like that. For us, it was a story about yearning.

However, they actually like the fact that it was interpreted that way. Yves explained that they wish to be group that transcends things like gender and want to reach a variety of people.

You may have realized it during ‘Butterfly’, but we want to go beyond gender, race, and nationality.

It was very shocking for LOONA to have spoken up like this, since Korea is still a very conservative country. Though some artists may sport merchandise or clothing that supports the LGBTQ+ community, it is not openly discussed.

It’s incredibly brave and touching for Yves to talk about their LGBTQ+ fans and maybe this can lead to LGBTQ+ acceptance in Korea.

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